August – December

The pictures go back to August through December 2012.  The pictures include when we were in Colorado Springs visiting Steve’s sister, Karen, as well as the drive there and back. There are some Halloween pics and Christmas pics.


Truax Pictures in North Dakota
While Steve, Leslie & Amelia were back in ND this summer, we took some pictures of Steve’s family. Not a whole lot of pics, but there are some good ones! We celebrated Barb’s 50th birthday and just hung out on Grandma’s back porch.

Truax / Babcock Family Reunion Pictures
Here are many pictures of the 2011 Truax / Babcock family reunion. You should be able to download individual pictures from the gallery. If you want all pics from this event, please sent use an email to let us know at It was great to see everyone!


April Photo Shoot
We had the opportunity to have one of our neighbors take some pictures of us around our home. Dawn does a great job and gave us a great deal on these pics! We had the fancy clothes because we went to Leslie’s uncle’s induction into the Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins Georgia (We figured we might as well get our money’s worth for that rented tux!!)


Dec 2010 to March 2011
The pictures are from the last several months and covers our some Christmas pictures, Amelia’s birthday, our annual pilgrimage to the Jack Daniel’s distillery (Just kidding. That was the first time being there and Amelia didn’t like the tour. It was the strong smell of all the sour mash that pushed her over the edge.) There was also a friend’s birthday party we went to at Sweet & Sassy.