August – November

It’s only been within the past couple years where I’ve discovered that once Halloween is over, it’s a fast slide into the new year! It’s just one week and it will be Thanksgiving. Where has the time gone? Crazy how time flies! We’ve posted some new pics from the end of summer, Halloween, etc. Hope you enjoy.

Things have been going great with the Truax family. Amelia has gotten on the Principle’s list with her great work. She also has gotten other awards from her good conduct and academic success. We’re so proud of that little girl! Leslie is doing well with her insurance work. She’s been busy as Treasurer on the Neighborhood Association as well as organizing stuff in the new storage building we recently purchased. Steve hopes one day he’ll be able to get his car into the garage! Steve’s work is going well. We don’t have any plans yet for Thanksgiving. We have invited some friends over for dinner. It will be pretty low key during the Holidays.

We hope y’all have a blessed Holiday season. Drop us a line sometime or give us a call. Of course you’re everyone’s always welcome here at the Truax homestead here in West Tennessee!

June – July

Well, it’s August first and Amelia starts first grade this week (8/02/10)! Where has the time gone? We’ve traveled a bit this summer and have pictures to proove it. Washington DC and the Fredrick, MD area was incredible. If you ever get a chance to stop by Fredrick, please do so. It was established in the 1700s and is a really great town. Leslie & Steve got matching rings at Colonial Jewelers in Fredrick and they are great to work with. Stop by and tell them Steve & Leslie sent you! Ask for Sarah Hurwitz (store manager). Ok, enough of the advertising!


We had a great time this summer and hope y’all had one as well. Leslie is loving her new job as Account Manager at Collier Insurance. It’s always challenging work there..which makes things interesting. Steve is now working at First Tennessee Bank as a software test lead. Banking is new to him and he is enjoying all the challenges there. As of right now, the Banking industry is fairly stable. Of course, those in Washington DC keep throwing uncertainty into the markets, which is detrimental to any industry. Only time will tell the fall out, but for now, we’re doing great. Please keep in touch. Send us a line sometime and thanks for stopping by our family website!


March – May

The Truax family has been pretty busy these days. Looking over all the pictures to post on the site and we’ve done a ton of stuff! Amelia finished up basketball for the year. This is a program called ‘Upward’ which teaches kids team work, the understanding that there’s someone greater then herself (believe me, she’s got to know there’s someone greater and more perfect than her parents…yes, this is true, but God is greater!). Amelia also finished up her year of Kindergarten. She was second in her class which is very impressive for our little girl. She’s reading more and more as well as getting savvy on the computer and other electronic devices. I hope to have her defragging hard drives and installing more ram on the office computer here in the next few years! 


Leslie’s employer, Colllier Insurance, had a booth at the Memphis in May BBQ competition event. We stopped by to have some excellent food & Elvis showed up for the occasion! Who said he was dead?! That’s just crazy talk ’cause we got pictures with him and he sang for us. Leslie loves her job and is doing great there.


There are a ton of pictures when we were in St. Louis over Memorial Day weekend. We got to go to the top of the Arch which was pretty amazing! We stayed at Union Station which was an amazing building. Looks like a castle on the inside and outside. Also went to the zoo and saw tons of animals. Some of the last pictures in the gallery are from the the City Museum. What an incredible place that place was. We’ve really enjoyed going to St. Louis and it’s one of our favorite places to go.


We’ll be traveling to the Washington, DC area end of June and down to Huntsville, AL over the 4th of July, so watch for some great pictures here in the next month or so! Have a great summer y’all!!

Well it’s been about six months since we last updated the site. Sorry for the delay. We’ve been busy with work, school and just plain ol’ life.

Amelia is doing great in kindergarten this past semester. She’s reading really well and learning her math. She should be well prepared for 1st grade! Actually, we’re looking to put her in private school in the fall since her current education isn’t challenging her enough.

Leslie has been looking for a full time permanent job (you know, one with a base salary). She loves where she’s at now, but the money has been slow with insurance sales.

Steve is still at FedEx working in the software group. He’s pretty bored with the work and is looking for something he can be passionate about. More of that to come.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year. We hope to get a new site up and running sometime in 2010. Keep watch for that. Enjoy the pictures since July ’09.