Well it’s been about six months since we last updated the site. Sorry for the delay. We’ve been busy with work, school and just plain ol’ life.

Amelia is doing great in kindergarten this past semester. She’s reading really well and learning her math. She should be well prepared for 1st grade! Actually, we’re looking to put her in private school in the fall since her current education isn’t challenging her enough.

Leslie has been looking for a full time permanent job (you know, one with a base salary). She loves where she’s at now, but the money has been slow with insurance sales.

Steve is still at FedEx working in the software group. He’s pretty bored with the work and is looking for something he can be passionate about. More of that to come.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year. We hope to get a new site up and running sometime in 2010. Keep watch for that. Enjoy the pictures since July ’09.
Hope everyone’s having a fun (and safe!) summer. We just got back from our trip to Harvest, AL and Jamestown, ND. We had a great time with our family’s. Of course the time seems to zip by and then it’s back to work.

There are a ton of pictures this time around. Enjoy!

Have a great rest of the summer!

Happy (belated) New Year’s to everyone from the Truax Family! Hope everyone is having a great Spring and winding down on the school year.

Steve survived the cuts at FedEx and Leslie is busy with her work in B2B insurance sales. Amelia is doing great and will be concluding pre-K at the end of May. She’ll begin kindergarten at Oakland Elementary in the Fall. Leslie and Amelia will be taking off the summer off to do all kinds of stuff. They’ll be going to the YMCA to learn swimming, exercise, dance and who knows what else?! Enjoy the pictures!

Until next time…