Can you believe it? Another year come and gone! We sure had a great time this past year with much activity within the Truax home. The biggest is us moving to the Memphis area. Steve getting a new job and Leslie being able to keep hers! Amelia has grown in all areas: physically, mentally, spiritually. God has been good to us in all areas of our lives.

So what does 2007 look like at the Truax family home front? We’re talking about traveling to Steve’s family in North Dakota for July 4th. It’s been over 2 years since he’s seen his family up there…so we figure it’s about time to make the trek up north.

Amelia will be turning 3 on January 30th; Steve will be turning 40 on January 40th. We’re trying to go all out for that. Should be a good time of food, family and fellowship here in Janary.

Our work and health are doing good. Steve’s contract has been extended 6 months at the Hilton Hotel administrative offices in Memphis. Leslie’s work is going strong with Rehab America and working from the house.

We’ve thought of having a deck built on the back of our home. With the beautiful view out the back and having a level area to sit and enjoy ourselves sure would be nice. You can send donations to us for this effort..gladly appreciated, of course.

Please drop us a line anytime. We would love for you to visit us! May you be richly blessed in the forthcoming year, 2007!
We’re all moved in to our new place! The daily drive backĀ  and forth from Median to Memphis was painful, but overall it wasn’t too bad. You’ll find a few pictures of the house in this month’s picture posting.

Amelia has been doing great. She has a new day care in Oakland and appears to like it a lot. She’s growing fast and getting smarter every day! It’s amazing to think that her 3rd birthday is only 3 months away!

Leslie is working out of the new place. We have all her stuff set up: broadband DSL, company phone line, & fax. Interesting to note that for 2 years, Steve worked out of the house and Leslie went to work. Now the roles have reversed! The telecommuting thing isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s very difficult to stay motivated and you have little physical contact with other people. It’s definitely not for everyone!

Steve’s work is going good. Working with the University of Memphis students and Hilton Hotels has been interesting. His employer is Cook Systems and is the lead software test engineer for the students and Hilton. The Hilton software is used throughout the world and he helps make sure a quality product goes out the door!

Hope y’all have had a great summer & fall. It’s so beautiful this time of year here. Fall colors a just setting in and the new place, with its view, has been fantastic. See you next time!!
Much has been happening at the Truax home since the last posting. Steve no longer works for the UK software group. The contract has essentially has been lost to the competition. However, there’s good news! Steve got a great job working in Memphis, TN as a software test automation lead. He’s working as a contractor at Hilton Hotels Corporation and with the University of Memphis students.

Leslie is still working for Rehab America and loves her job. She’s working with her boss to see if she can either relocate to the Memphis area or work out of the house. Which reminds me…We’re in the process of moving away from Medina, TN and are purchasing a home just east of Memphis. Hopefully the next time we write, we’ll have some pics of our new place. Very exciting! Keep you posted. Hope y’all had a great 4th of July and a safe summer. Can’t believe it’s almost August. Drop us a line any time.
Thanks for stopping buy. We’ve done a ton of stuff since the last post. Steve finished school at Union. He probably won’t be going back to school in the fall. He’s also resigned from his job at GE Healthcare. The telecommute got to be too much with the distance and communication. He found a great job in Memphis working with software and teaching others the tools of the trade.

Leslie is working 3/4 time. She still loves her job and it sounds like her boss is Ok with her moving to Memphis. Leslie will be able to transfer to another office in west TN.

Amelia is doing great! She’s growing so quick and talking very well. She’s very polite and says please and thank you for things she needs. Still no baby on the way. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we look to have another child sometime in the near future, Lord willing.

Take care and check out the pics for the past couple months. Steve also went to Boston for work. What a great city! We definitely want to go back and explore Boston, Philadelphia & Washington, DC.
Well, February came and went, and now we’re half way through the month of March…so the natural thing to do is combine the months!

Leslie’s been traveling some with her new job. She went to job fairs in Memphis, TN and Jonesboro, AR. So that meant Steve was home with the baby. It all worked out well. Absence makes the heart grow fonder…this was true since Leslie was out of town in Memphis for 2 days.

Steve’s off for spring break next week (Mar 20-24). No work or school! Whoo hoo! Well, he does have a exegetical paper due for the Intermediate Greek class. Work’s still going well. The GE/IDX transition has been ongoing. Steve will have to travel to Boston, MA the first week of May for remote employee onsite deployment (that’s a fancy term for getting new hardware/software for my remote work).

Amelia is growing like a weed. She is talking more and more every day. The funniest thing she says is when she is in the tub and she’ll take the Mr. Bubble bottle filled with water and try and drink it…Steve says, “No, that’s gucky” (Amelia slang). Amelia says back, “No, tastes gooood!” She’s been such a delight and we’re so blessed to have such a wonderful child.

Hope y’all are doing well. Drop us a line anytime. Have a great month.
Greetings and Happy New Year! Another year comes and goes. Hopefully everyone is using their time wisely and making the best of life. There’s much to be thankful for and much is taken for granted. God has indeed been good to us in 2005.

Leslie started working part time in January. You may know she has a background in Human Resources. Her job entails finding the right person for her employer. She’ll be traveling around the mid south this year: attending career fairs & visiting universities to find the best candidates. I’ll be helping her setup her employer’s booth in Memphis in the near future. Leslie is very happy with her work and is doing a great job!

Amelia had her 2nd birthday this past week (Jan 30th). It was a lot of fun! Most of Leslie’s family was here. Unfortunately, Michael, Tracy and the boys didn’t make it from Nashville. Amelia got a lot of fun toys and continues to play with them. It’s amazing…you can go out and get the most fancy toys, and kids just want the basics! It’s always smart to keep it simple!

Amelia is growing so fast! We were watching Amelia walk around this morning and it’s just amazing how far she’s come. We look at older pictures and say “that’s Amelia?”. Truly amazing!

Steve just started school yesterday (Feb 2) and is taking the 2nd semester of the 2nd year of Intermediate New Testament Greek. It’s going to be very challenging this semester! The technical analysis of ancient Greek is very interesting…yet very challenging. Also, Steve is working full time for his new employer GE Healthcare. Essentially, it’s the same company. IDX Systems was bought out in Q3 of 2005. Haven’t seen too many changes yet. Steve may not travel too much since the company has really tightened the purse strings on travel & expenses. Hopefully he’ll get to travel to London or possibly Calcutta, India to help train a team for his work. We’ll keep you posted on that. Oh yes! Steve also had a birthday this month (Jan 25). He & Leslie went to Memphis for a great dinner and enjoyed Beale Street downtown. Had a great time

Enjoy the pics and have a great month!!