Merry Christmas to everyone who faithfully checks out the site! I’m a bit late again for updating the blog (aka, Web Log) and the pictures. Thanks for your patience!

We had a great Christmas season. Amelia is talking more and more. She was telling everyone “Merry Christmas” and she jumps to life when she sees a snowman (she calls them “soman”). Her second Christmas was definitely more enjoyable because she’s able to articulate what she sees.

Steve becomes an official “GE” employee as of January 4th, 2006. The new year should be interesting since IDX Systems was bought out in late 2005. He’s also been doing some work with computer repair. Not too much web design lately. It’s pretty slow at SCT Technology right now.

Leslie starts a new job on January 5th, 2006 as a Human Resources Recruiter for a medical company here in Jackson, TN. She’ll be working part time (30 hours) per week. Amelia will be in daycare part time also. She’s really looking forward to the job and is excited to sink her teeth into some long awaited work!

Hope everyone has a great New Year.
Welcome to the October pictures! Much has been going on at the Truax household. We’ve had a lot of work done to our front and back yard lately. New brick patio, fire pit, walk way out front just to name a few things. I didn’t post any of these pictures but may do so in the future.

Leslie is doing well. She has a part time, temporary job offer but we have yet to find a day care. Unfortunately, most places are booked up this time of year. It’s mostly a waiting game…as most of you parents know.

Steve is also doing well. The company he works for, IDX Systems, recently was bought out by GE Healthcare. Not sure what the future will bring but there’s no reason to think he will lose his job.

The weather down here in west TN has been very mild this year. No threats of tornadoes. Little rain. It’s mostly been a mild & dry fall.

You’ll see some pictures of Leslie and Steve in this month’s picture selection. We attended the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame where uncle George Epps has been inducted for 2005. George has had a lifetime of aviation and the Epps family is unprecedented in their commitment and contribution to the aviation industry. We’re always amazed at the effort they put into their work.

Enjoy the pics and drop us a line sometime!
Well, our apologies for taking so long to get back online and post some new pictures! We’ve been so busy with work, school and Amelia that the website sometimes takes a back seat. We’ve been doing tons of different stuff.

Steve went to New York City for some software training for his employer, IDX Systems. He stayed smack dab in the middle of Times Square (49th & Broadway). It’s much different there than Medina, TN! It got to be pretty challenging swimming through all the people. Did the usual tourist thing: go to Macy’s, stop by David Letterman’s place (they were out on hiatus at the time), walk around central park (..that would not be literally “walk around”..). Overall, it was a positive experience.

Amelia got to go to the Memphis Zoo. There’s pictures of that online now. She calls the elephants “airplane”. Not sure how that computes but I’m sure she has a very good reason for it! Fortunately, we brought our camcorder with so Amelia can go to the zoo anytime! She has been such a great little girl. She’s growing up so fast! She’s saying “Please” and “Thank you”. Quite a charming little lady!

Leslie is doing well. Full time with Amelia can be challenging. She had her birthday last week (Sept 22) and we had a great time at the Olive Garden. We haven’t eaten that much in a while. Steve got her a nice bracelet at Macy’s in NYC. Her and Amelia have been having wonderful times taking walks, playing on the swing and lounging by the pool (fyi…it’s a 5’x1′ plastic pool from Walmart).

Well, thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a great summer. Can’t believe the fall is here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Please drop us a line or sent an email anytime.
Strange to think of what we did the month of June…I can’t really remember all we’ve done! Well, we went up to Paris Landing, TN for several days. That was really  nice. We visited a Planetarium and the Home Place where they reenact the farm life from the 1800’s. In the June pictures you will see pictures of Goats, barns, etc of our visit there. This place is also called Land Between the Lakes.

We never went to the goat farm this month. Being busy with schedules we never had a chance. I’ll have to call Julia and set up another time to visit. We have been keeping Amelia busy over the past weeks. She loves to help out around the house and work in the backyard. She’s speaking more everyday. She doesn’t really know the word, ‘Yes’. It’s funny when you ask her to go outside, she says ‘Ok’. Doesn’t take much to persuade her. Amelia also just turned 1 and a half on June 30th. She’s becoming just like her mama…she’s never met a stranger.

Summer is going quick, we have plans to go to the Epps reunion on July 4th. There’s always great family and friends there. Never a dull moment and there’s always someone new to meet. I’m very grateful that Amelia will be able to grow up in such a hospitable environment. The kids work, play, swim, get airplane & balloon rides. It’s really an amazing event that happens every year.
The month of May was a good month for us. Steve finished his semester at Union University. 2 A’s and a B. The New Testament Greek class has proven to be very difficult. Plenty of review for this fall…Intermediate Greek!

Amelia is doing great. She’s getting so big! When you ask her to say her name she says “Mimi” so that’s pretty much one of her nicknames. Our precious Mimi. She has been such a delight and brings a newness to life. What a blessing she is!

Leslie’s doing well. She just finished the Epps newsletter. There’s always something going on that keeps her busy around the house. She was attending a program sponsored by the Jackson, TN Chamber of Commerce on starting & running a small business. If you didn’t hear, we both disembarked on a new adventure for a computer/web design business. It’s pretty much part time (since Steve is working fulltime now out of the London office) and is only about 6-10 hours per week. You can check out the company web site at SCT Technology. Steve also created a web site for a lady here in Medina, TN. She makes herbal goat soap she has really great products. You can check out Julia’s Herbal Products and order something for yourself or others. We hope to go to her friend’s farm and see Julia’s goats, chickens and baby rabbits! Come by next month to see Amelia’s trip to the farm!
Amelia is officially walking and talking more and more these days. She has been bringing such a newness of life! She has been getting to know her little friends at the Tues & Thurs day care here in Jackson.

Steve has been doing some computer repair work at Leslie’s dad’s law office. He has been getting to know the people down at Utley Latimer and it has been a fun time troubleshooting the many computer problems. There seems to be an increase in moral with a computer that works!

Steve won’t be traveling to London this Spring. Possibly be traveling in late summer. Work has been going really well working with the London  UK software team.

Leslie has been working on getting a Ben T. Epps US Postage Stamp for 2007. She has been contacting Senators & Congressmen in Georgia for support of the stamp. The response has been very positive so far!! In case you’re not a family member of Leslie, Mr. Epps was Leslie’s grandfather and he was a pioneer aviator in the state of Georgia. He was the first in flight in the state of Georgia in 1907. He was only 19 years old. We’ll let you know more as this progresses.
Wow, this month really flew by. Amelia is taking her first steps and we’re amazed every day with her progress. She has been going to a day care every Tuesday and Thursday and really enjoys her friends there. This gives mama some time to catch up on chores. Amelia’s also beginning to talk more. We can point to her eyes, nose, etc and she can say what they are. Pretty cool having such a wonderful child!

We’ve started working on the back yard of our place here in Medina, TN. There are a lot of weeds in this yard! Back in Seattle we just paid our condo dues and it was all taken care of. What’s up with that? Hopefully, we can get into shape by laboring in the yard. I sure could lose about 10lbs 🙂

Leslie hasn’t found a job. That would almost imply that she’s actually trying…there’s just so much stuff to do around the house that there hasn’t been much time to look for work.

Steve’s still working for IDX Systems UK. No travel to London yet…possibly end of this summer. We’ll see. School’s going well, after spring break it’s really been tiring hitting the books and working. This summer Steve will be working full time for IDX and no summer classes.
February has come and gone so quickly. Amelia’s birthday was the 30th of last month and we had a great time. She got to stuff her face with yummy chocolate cake and ice cream! Keep an eye on the Latest Pics section of this site. Hopefully her B-day pictures will be there in a day or so.

Leslie is still looking for other part time work and has submitted her resume to several local companies.

Steve is swamped with work, school, web sites for a local merchant, PC Doctor company for computer repair & maintenance, playing guitar for a local Church group. It’s been trying at times but we just need to remember to take it one day at a time.

No pregnancy as of yet. Hopefully soon!
We’re off to a new year! Steve just got back from his work in London. Make sure to check out Latest Pics section for pictures of London & Paris.

Leslie’s doing great. She will be contracting with a local retirement facility with her Human Resource skills.

We’re looking to get pregnant this year!! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Lord willing, we’ll have another critter around these parts soon!

Steve starts school February 2nd as a part time student. Should be challenging along with working 3/4 time for IDX Systems UK.